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Create An IOS App From An UI Kit - Onboarding Users In Swift

Create an iOS app from an UI Kit – onboarding users

I wanted to start a new series of tutorials where I’m not just teaching you how to get things done, but showing how to turn a real UI kit designed in Sketch to a real, usable iOS app.

The first part – onboarding


In this first video I wanted to show you how to create the first screen, where you onboard your users (after your walkthrough screes if any). There they usually have a few options to do.

They can either register, login or skip those processes and use the app anonymously. (The latter you should keep in mind, users don’t really like to create accounts and give their emails to anyone, if they cannot test the app without setting an account, the’ll probably use another one)

Or they could also read things like Terms of use or Privacy policy.


The setup

This tutorial is pretty simple, the onboarding screen is always flat, there aren’t too many things to do, and as the design suggested we display 2 buttons and couple of UILabels. I declared all IBOutlets for all the labels and buttons, so when the time comes to localise them, it would be much easier.


Enjoy the video.

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