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Innnspired IOS App

So… I just released a new iOS app

One day I was bored and come up with an idea to create a simple app.

You are probably familiar with, if not I highly recommend checking it out. A great site to get inspiration from. That was my main idea behind creating this app, I wanted an iOS app that could quickly pull the latest designs from Dribbble, filter it with a preset search term and show the results.

Why is it important?

Well, I’m usually visiting Dribbble just to see the latest trends in iOS designs and get some inspiration on controls, animations, ways to solve boring/difficult tasks. And since my phone is always with me, why shouldn’t I just create an app where I can do all that with a nice interface. That’s when I started going through their API docs and saw that fetching their data is freakin’ simple. Just need to call a GET method, register an app to work with their API, get a token and done.

Features of the app?

The main one being the ability to download the recent shots. Other than that I also added a search option, so you could enter a search phrase and search through all the shots that contain your phrase in their tags, description or title. You can also save some shots as favorites (locally) so you could always come back to those to check them out.


Since this is not that much stuff, I added an option to save your search term locally on your phone, so next time you would like to get inspired, you don’t need to download the recent shots, enter your term and hit search, just select the saved search you wish to use as an inspiration source and let the app do its job.

It certainly helped me to get inspired faster, while still enjoying a sweet looking interface.

To Download

If you want to check it out, feel free to download it from the App Store, it is free.

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