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Recipe Ios App Template Codecanyon

Manage your recipe with a Recipe iOS app template

With a Recipe iOS app template – Time to get back to the template business and make some cool templates for you guys, so you can just go ahead and get a jump start to create your own iOS app in no time.

With this template, I wanted to do something cool, but also something that is easy to use, learn the basics with.

This Recipe iOS app uses UICollectionViews and UITableViews, custom transitions, network downloading and also some local, file management. So you can really learn a lot while getting to know the iOS world, or you just need a quick app for your client and don’t want to spend too much time on doing the basics.

What does this Recipe app do?

This iOS app displays your recipes and gives you the ability to save them as favorites. Sounds pretty simple setup, right? Furthermore you can also decide where you want to load these data, either from a local folder or from a server.

Both solutions have some positive and negative sides.


  • Pro
    • Fast, since you don’t need to download any data
  • Con
    • You can only update your recipes or add new ones if you create a new app version


  • Pro
    • Ability to change your data, whenever you want to
  • Con
    • App needs to download your data from the server


However you wish to provide your content, this template is ready for it.

In this package you will find the following items:

  • Xcode project
  • Sketch file
  • Get started guide

I added the Sketch file as well so you can customise the look of your app without having to rewrite any colors, code and run the app.

This template has been written in Swift 2.0 (prepared to support Swift 3.0, comes in a later update), which is a lot easier to understand than the good old Objective-C. Every method and class has been documented, commented in a way so that it is easy to understand and see the bigger picture.

Want to see more?

Check out the app on Also if you have any questions regarding the app, get in touch.

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