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Use Firebase Remote Config In Your IOS App With Swift

How to use Firebase Remote Config in your iOS app using Swift

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In the past few years Firebase evolved a lot, added a lot of cool new features, that some developers might haven’t even heard of. I know cause I was one of them, who had no idea about Firebase Remote Config and what it can bring to the table.

Firebase Remote Config is your new best friend

With Firebase Remote Config you can set up a bunch of keys and value pairs on Firebase which then can be fetched by your app. Think about all those releases you did where you just needed to change a value, a base url or a color of a button. Now with this awesome feature you can do exactly that.

Let’s see some examples for use case:

  • you have a version number in your API calls, but you have recently updated your API and want to update the app as well to use v2/ instead of v1. Just add a value in Firebase Remote Config and update your app
  • you want to change the color of a button – add a key to your available keys and specify a value
  • you want to modify the default layout of your items in an UICollectionView
  • etc.

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