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Upload, Fetch Content From Firestore Firebase IOS Swift Xcode

Use Firestore to upload an image, fetch and display your content in an UICollectionView using Swift

Since Firebase introduced Firestore their new database “structure” I wanted to try it out and create a tutorial out of it, so here it is.  It is surprisingly easy to use and does the job perfectly.

The project

I wanted to create a project where one can create their own content and upload it easily to Firebase without having to learn a lot of stuff, being loads of keywords, command, difficult API, but with Firestore it was fairly quick and easy.

This project was a simple one, 3 views, one where we display the content fetched from Firebase, another one to display a detail view of a selected object, and the third viewController that allows one to add a new content – in this case a new car – to the collection.

Enjoy the video.

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